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Celebrating Success: Al Omda’s Triumphant Third Opening



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Al Omda’s Lakeshore location

Al Omda’s third grand opening drew in a crowd of over 300 people, all thanks to our effective ad campaign. At Media Phoenix, we crafted engaging content that connected with almost 800,000 people, highlighting Al Omda’s 10-year journey of flavor. Our strategy was simple but powerful—create ads that speak to people and get them excited. And it worked, helping make the event a huge success.

Inside Al Omda

Al Omda’s latest grand opening was bustling with people, the store filled to the brim, a direct result of Media Phoenix’s impactful ad campaigns. Our engaging content reached 800,000 potential customers, turning them into actual guests, crowding the store to celebrate a 10-year legacy of taste. Our tailored ads not only shared Al Omda’s story but also created a buzz that got people through the door.

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