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Michelin-Star Dining: Elite Influencer Collaborations





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Media Phoenix knows the power of star-studded collaborations. For Dil Se, a Michelin-star restaurant in Toronto, we partnered with the sensational Abdu Rozik and his 7 million followers to create a campaign that epitomized fine dining. Abdu’s authentic engagement with Dil Se’s exquisite offerings resonated with food enthusiasts worldwide, weaving the restaurant’s story into the fabric of social media fame.

This partnership wasn’t just about showcasing the luxurious ambiance and the art on a plate that Dil Se provides; it was about creating a narrative that aligned with the tastes and aspirations of a discerning audience. Abdu’s influence brought an air of exclusivity and buzz that only a personality of his caliber could. The result? A surge in reservations and a spotlight on Dil Se that only Michelin-star quality dining could match, all amplified by the authenticity and reach of a global influencer.

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