As of December 1, 2018, MediaPhoenix is no longer operating.


Welcome to MediaPhoenix. If you need a company with over 20 years experience with design, marketing, media and website design knowledge that you can afford, please talk to us.

As technology and the demands on the technology we use daily changes, it’s our job to keep up – sometimes even be predictive about the emerging trends – and which to apply focus to keep our clients on point. Technology influences the way we look for products and the companies we buy them from. We want to be able to access those companies while we’re on the go and get the answers immediately. We also need to be able to recognize the companies we buy from easily so a recognizable logo, marketing piece or website is very important.

Our goal is to provide visual inspirations that are not only informative but leave you wanting more. First impressions are incredibly important and a logo, website or marketing piece should draw a client in. Whether it’s a traditional or contemporary look, we do what is right for the client. We work in a collaborative relationship with our clients as they may have an idea of what they want, but rely on us to tell them if it’s right for them or not. We don’t pretend to know their business but we do know ours. We’re there to assist them in making the best decisions to represent and enhance their enterprise, and look their best doing it too.