Ah, photography. We take pictures because we want to carry that one particular moment with us into the future and be able to share it with others, who appreciate the same things we do. They usually are never anything daring like shooting erupting volcanoes or disaster areas but everyday things we seem to take for granted. Mountains. Lakes. Our families & friends. Vacations. Graduations. First pets. First steps. First boy/girlfriends.

Both Robert & Laurel have been shooting professionally for many years. As opposed to standard studio photographers, they are used to working on location and having to “go with the flow” dealing with ever-changing conditions. That gives them a level-headed approach and adaptability that has become second-nature to them. Whether they’re shooting food, family gatherings, bands or sports teams, they have the experience to get you the photos you wanted.

Robert embraced photography at an early age: eight. He comes from the age of film and has an arts background as well. His photos are carefully structured with a balance between form, function and artistry. Whether they are left in colour, converted to black & white or sepia, each one is a story itself. With over 20 years of photography experience, he has the knowledge and artistic eye to provide you with exactly what you envisioned.

Laurel came by her love of photography honestly. Both of her parents come from artistic families and they both happened to love photography. She too, received her first camera when she was 8. It was a Kodak 110 Instamatic and she was in love with the freedom it afforded. To be able to capture any moment that meant something to her, her way. Having spent many years working inside and outside of a formal ad/marketing agency, she knows the power of the right photo.

For examples of their work, please check out Preserving Memories.