About Us

There is a lot of information about us here but there could also be more as we have so much experience.

Laurel has worked in a traditional advertising/marketing firm for 4 years as the right-hand to one of the partners and worked on local, national and international campaigns as well as political campaigns. She has worked in marketing, graphic design and website builds for the past 20 years. She’s been on Facebook since 2007 and Twitter since April 2008 (@Ms_Mktg). She can also be found on Instagram and ViewBug. Social media has become another vehicle for people to communicate either between family & friend or as an organisation. It’s almost instant, unfiltered feedback (Twitter) or more passive (Facebook) dependent upon your needs or wants and the relationship you want to cultivate. Her personal and professional ethics are based on honesty and transparency.

Rob is a professional photographer and has worked in television as a cameraman for over 16 years. He worked at City TV (Calgary) gathering news (video) and was a cameraman for Breakfast Television. He has owned his own photography business for over two years (www.preservingmemories.ca) and continues to work at growing the business. He has been on Facebook since 2007 and Twitter (@CameraguyRob) since 2009. He attributes his Twitter success to the fact he knows his “market” and sticks to his persona. With over 16 years experience in media, he is a trusted source for giving social media and corporate image advice to many businesses and entrepreneurs.

Rob and Laurel work closely with their clients to deliver what the client envisioned. With projects ranging from graphic/logo design to photography projects, website builds or marketing strategies and campaigns, their objective is to aide the client in achieving their goals and being more successful in their arena of business.